Our Story

I AM design is exactly how we feel and who we are. It is us to the core of our being. When you start a dream and accomplish it slowly over time, you appreciate the work you put in so much more. We appreciate every client, every freelancer who helped along the way and our lovely staff of employees who loyally work the long hours that make us successful.

Who Would have Thought
that is done by educated college graduates? Our company I AM Design has been around since 2012. We started with just two dreamers with an idea, to create a graphic design company so unique and a website name that truly emulates what we are, true design with a flair for the unique. We can turn any company’s image around and help build your customer base with our proven and effective techniques.

Loving What we Do is What Differentiates Us from the Competition
Who wouldn’t want to be a graphic designer? It is the most fun job I can think of with the highest level of freedom and creativity offered. You can start anywhere with it and end up in a place you never imagined. When a website or a campaign is done, you can look back at all the work and say you did that with blood sweat and tears along the way to create a masterpiece of a campaign. To see tears come from clients eyes who have seen incredible sales epidemics from our graphics is the most satisfying feeling in the world to a designer.

Where are We?
A graphic designer has the luxery of being anywhere at anytime but everyone should have a base of operations that they call home. Our’s is in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be exact.We are lucky to have such a beautiful view from our offices. It inspires our creative juices and keeps them flowing. Atmosphere is everything to an artist and for us to work we need the proper tools, aura and backdrop. Amsterdam is most certainly that. It is a beautiful city with a reputation for creativity and greatness.

Keeping it in the Family
What brings us so much pleasure is that our two founding fathers still stuck together to create beautiful campaigns. They persevered and never gave up. They are Jeroen De Jong and Niels de Boar. They are lifelong residents of the Netherlands. Starting with just two college graduates, we now have a small design company with 6 individuals and growing. They are all family to us now and will always be. We create a vision of no matter how big you are, you can still improve and do better. We want you to know you can succed and we are here to help. We can not succeed as a company unless our clients are smiling and satisfied. You make us successful and we love the experience with every new campaign. Each one is no just a job to us it’s invaluable work experience with new friends we meet. That is the Amsterdamn attitude of success.