Online Gokken Marketing Materials

We at I AM Design are using tools for the success of your company, ranging from graphic design to the development of marketing materials. As a design company, we want to build long-term relationships with our clients, especially the ones that are operating in the gambling industry. Since I AM Design has been established in the Netherlands, we would rather provide our professional services to companies based in our beautiful country. Every year, the gambling organization hosts an online gokken conference in Amsterdam. It is then when all the online gambling related companies reach out to I AM Design for the development of big projects. Since I AM Design has a specialization in marketing materials and branding, most companies request us to create branded merchandise which they can give away during the online gokken conference. By doing this, the company is able to integrate a smart marketing strategy during the conference.

During this time of year, our company will get a lot of requests, which means that we are forced to plan a tight schedule. Promotional materials will always come in big amounts and it is our responsibility to deliver the projects within the discussed deadline. Especially with the newest gambling conference coming up this summer, our team needs to focus on the internal communication. Creating promotional and marketing materials are really fun projects, because it is our job to dive into the current corporate identity and vision of our clients. With this data and information, we are able to translate their story into products and materials. Some products are not everyone and not every company desires the same approach. Thankfully, our team of designers are also great listeners. We take every request very seriously by listening closely to the needs and interests of our clients. What is their goal and what story do they want to tell to their potential customers? This is something our team needs to find out before the development starts.

Promotional materials can be developed in different ways and styles, based on the company and their story. We can create materials with the goal to collect customer data, also known as the popular mailing list. Besides online tools, we can also create branded products like bags, t-shirts, notebooks and other merchandise. The reason that we like to cooperate with online gokken companies is because of the variety of this industry. It is not only about gambling itself, but also the other features that are a big part of it. Besides our interest in this market, our company has already built up a big network with long-term business relations. I AM Design is looking for business relationships based on trust, reliance and connection. We hope that every new client will feel this connection while entering our office. If you would like to become one of our clients, please do not hesitate to contact our office. If you happen to be located in the Netherlands, please visit our office and we will serve you with a nice cup of coffee!