Gratis Gokkasten Spelen Met Lage Inzet Promotional Materials

I AM Design is offering all kinds of graphic and web-related services and in a very short time, our company has reached many different markets. Even though we are working in all sorts of industries, we do have a passion for clients that are operating in the online gambling business. Our hardworking and dedicated team of graphic designers are extremely passionate about everything they do and that is why they were very excited to start with a completely new project. This project is different from all the previous kind of projects, since this one is focused on developing and producing promotional materials. We often work on the development of web pages and design elements, so this one is pretty unique for us. An online casino company asked us to develop promotional materials for a campaign called Gratis Gokkasten Spelen Met Lage Inzet.

To develop a good concept, we had to dive in to the world of slot machines first. How do they work and what kind of target is interested in playing online casino games and slot machines. Our client requested some promotional materials, which they can collect in a goodie bag, During a gambling conference in the Netherlands, our client will hand out goodie bags in order to attract more deals and customers. It is our job to develop something interesting enough, that will also stand out from the rest of the competitors. A lot of companies are promoting their business with the help of pen’s, branded bags and even small mints. To be unique, we have to come up with something different and unique. This is why our graphic team is already working on the new concept of Gratis Gokkasten Spelen Met Lage Inzet. They already came up with some interesting ideas, but we are still in the concept phase of the project.

Phase two will be the production of the materials after an official approval of our client. We will eventually invite the company to our office in order to show them our created samples. Based on the requested amount, the production of the materials will take a week or even more. The gambling conference is next month, so we really need to fasten the process in order to make the deadline. With a small team, we will create an outstanding and unique concept that will blow the mind of all the visitors at the conference. I AM Design is already known for our out-of-the-box mentality and this is the moment to prove our vision and products even more. The gambling market is a fun and dynamic industry, which allows us to play even more with several designs and tryouts.

I AM Design is looking forward to the development and production of the promotional materials. If you happen to be interested in all the branding possibilities and products, you should reach out to us in order to discuss our services. We can provide clients with a customized proposal, so that you will be ensured of an unique and impressive design.