Clients & Sucess Stories

In the graphic design industry like all others we had to start from the bottom by sending emails and making cold calls to companies. No one knew who we were. We were new on the scene and didn’t have a client. It takes perseverance to keep the confidence necessary to simply believe in yourself that your company will be successful. You have to tell yourself everyday that success is your only option.

Our First Large Clients

We weren’t always successful, being about to outsource and hire extra employees. We were just two guys who graduated from design school with a dream. We wanted to start out big, not be afraid and just go for the big clients. Let’s meet them now…
One of our extremely impressive first clients is the casino sight Casumo. This was a dream come true. They needed experienced graphic designers and I AM Design came to the rescue. We created a streamlined and easy to navigate gaming site that all ages could enjoy and play without freezing up. We did their campaigns for them and they are a well known business entity today.

Another famous redesign was Mr. Green. This is another internationally known casino site. They have won several awards from-

  • Internet World.
  • E-Gaming Review.
  • International Gaming App Awards.
  • International Gaming Awards.

They were one of our major redesigns. They created a tool 2 years ago that assessed the risk that a player has of becoming a gambling addict, saving people around the globe from a life altering addiction. This tool is extremely accurate and responsible gaming is their first priority.

We also work with Arla, the dairy company to redesign the packaging of their products. Have you seen the milk and cheese labels? Some of them are ours. They are a company from Denmark and make the most dairy products in Scandinavia. They make so much milk that they are fourth in the world in production. They also make the famous Castello cheeses and Lurkpack spreads.

Hertz Norway
Everyone has heard of Hertz, the international car rental giant with clients and vehicles for rent around the globe. We helped to redesign and do their ad campaign and give them a fresh image with a new start in the Norwegian territory. Even the big companies need a refresher sometimes to reanimate their image. That is what we do as a company, reanimate and build your image, no matter how big you are.